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ncsu (Nomad)

Our ncsu network, also known as Nomad, is an unsecure and unencrypted network that allows you to connect devices that are not compatible with eduroam, such as game consoles, smart televisions, and smart assistants.

About the ncsu (Nomad) Network

This network is unsecure and unencrypted, meaning that you should not use it for sensitive work. It’s primary purpose is to allow devices which are incompatible with eduroam – such as game consoles – to get access to the internet.

If you are able, you should use the eduroam network wherever possible.

Connecting Your Device

To connect a device to ncsu (Nomad), you’ll first need to acquire it’s MAC Address – a 12-character string that uniquely identifies your device. In most cases, you can find a device’s MAC Address by going to the device’s settings menu, and looking under either “Device Information” or “Internet.”

Once you have the MAC Address for the device, you can begin the registration process. You must be physically on-campus using the eduroam or ncsu network to complete the following steps. You cannot use the VPN.

  1. On a computer, mobile phone or tablet, visit
  2. Log in with your Unity credentials.
  3. Select “Add Device” from the sidebar.
  4. Fill in the description for the device (i.e. “Nintendo Switch” or “MacBook Pro”).
  5. Fill in the “MAC Address” field.
  6. Select “Add Device.”

After completing those steps, you’ll be able to connect your device by connecting to the network.