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Get connected.

If you are a student, staff, or faculty member, you can enroll your device with eduroam to get instant access to the wireless network at NC State and thousands of other educational and research institutions across the world.

You need to enroll your devices every year.

Enroll Your Device 

What other networks does NC State offer?

NC State has three separate networks that are available on campus:

  • eduroam is the preferred network for students, staff, and faculty. It provides a secured and encrypted connection to the university’s resources and the internet. We invite eduroam users from other institutions to use this network as well.
  • ncsu, sometimes referred to as Nomad is an unsecured and unencrypted network to allow devices which are not compatible with eduroam to connect to the internet. This network is primarily used by devices like gaming consoles, smart TVs and other types of multimedia equipment.
  • ncsu-guest is a publicly-available network for visitors, recruiters, alumni, and other guests. When connecting to this network, you’ll need to accept our terms and conditions.