Wireless FAQ

Wireless Access FAQs


What are the wireless offerings on campus?

Wireless Network eduroam

  • This is the primary wireless service used on campus.
  • Holds on Unity ID and password locally, allowing your device to join automatically. With this option, you don’t have to re-enter credentials every time a user logs in.
  • All traffic that passes through is encrypted, this allows this wireless service to be MORE secure.

Wireless Network ncsu

  • This is also known as the Nomad network.
  • This network should only be used for miscellaneous devices such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, multimedia devices, etc.
  • This network can also be used for departmental owned equipment such as lab machines and loaned equipment.
  • You must re-enter credentials every time a user connects to this network. The work around is to register your devices in Nomad Registration System.


What is the difference between the eduroam and ncsu wireless networks?

  • eduroam is our primary, secured wireless network on campus. Most laptops, tablets, phones should use eduroam.
  • Miscellaneous devices- such as gaming consoles and multimedia devices – should connect to the unsecured wireless network ncsu.


What about cellular coverage?


What areas of campus have wireless coverage?

  • Student Residences 
    • All on-campus residence halls, Greek houses, Wolf Village, and Wolf Ridge have pervasive, high-density coverage.
  • Academic and Administrative Buildings
    • Pervasive wireless coverage is available in most spaces.  Faculty/staff can access wireless maps showing what areas are covered.
  • Classrooms 
    • Virtually all “110” classrooms have high-density wireless infrastructure designed to allow faculty to use the wireless network for instructional purposes. 
    • A small number of “210” classrooms are similarly equipped.  
    • For a list of classrooms with instructional wireless, see Classroom List.

How do departments request wireless coverage?

  • Some areas are not currently covered by wireless. Departments may elect to have ComTech install wireless access points in these areas as needed.
  • Contact your Department Coordinator to place a Construction Services order for Wireless Access Points via PCR360 Customer Center.

Help & Support


  • Help Desk
  • Walk In Center
    • The Walk in Center assists students with computing issues including wireless issues.

Faculty & Staff

  • Help Desk
  • Local IT Support
    • Please reach out to your designated local IT Support.