Chromebook Setup

Chromebook Setup

Step 1

Connect to the NCSU wireless network.

Step 2

Open a Browser and go to Click Enroll your device in eduroam.

You should see a screen with your operating system already chosen. If not, please select your operating system from the drop-down menu next to “Select your device“.

Click Download. 

The SecureW2 eduroam enrollment page on a Chromebook.

Step 3

On the Shibboleth Login prompt: Enter your Unity ID and password. Click “Continue“.

Shibboleth login page.

Step 4

Once processing is complete, you will see an instruction page that does not do any configuration. At the same time this page opens, a new tab is opened. Click the new browser tab.

Click on “Choose File.

Select the SecureW2.onc file. If you have run this process multiple times, there may be multiple files. Make sure you select the file with the most recent time stamp. Click OPEN.

Processing in progress on the SecureW2 eduroam enrollment page.

The new tab, where you click "Choose File."

Open the SecureW2.onc file.

Step 5

At this point, the certificates have been loaded onto your Chromebook, and you need to configure the SSID.

Click on the wireless icon in the bottom right, and select eduroam.

EAP Method:  EAP-TLS
EAP Type: EAP-TLSServer CA: Select the Root
User Certificate: Should already be selected for you

Click Connect, and you should successfully connect to eduroam.

Switch networks from "ncsu" to "eduroam".

Enter network details as indicated.