Android Setup

Android Setup

Step 1

Go to SettingsChoose Wi-FiConnect the device to NCSUSelect Connect (if prompted).

Step 2

Open the Mobile Internet Browser and go to Click Enroll your device in eduroam.

On the Login prompt: Enter your Unity ID and password. Select “Continue“.

You should see a screen with your operating system already chosen. If not, then please select your operating system from the drop-down menu next to “Select your device:“.

Select download.

SecureW2 will prompt you to download an app from Google Play.

Step 3

When prompted, please follow the instructions to setup a required pin or password on your device.

On the Google Play store SecureW2 JoinNow application screen, Select Install.

Select Accept.

After the application installs, Select Open.

SecureW2 app in the Google Play Store.

Permissions required by the SecureW2 app.

Open the SecureW2 app from Google Play.

Step 4

On the Authentication prompt: Enter your Unity ID and password.

Select Continue.

Once the Wireless Configuration Portal is complete. Select Done.

The SecureW2 app will prompt you to log in via Shibboleth.

Shibboleth login screen.


Step 5

You are now connected to eduroam.